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OpenTG Roadmap

Software Roadmap is a list of features planned for each major release of the software. Items may slip, change, or be canceled with or without notice. The roadmap is determined by the developers working on the code and is derived from reasonable and attainable goals during a set release plan. Users are encouraged to submit bugs and feature requests, which may be considered for future versions. This is by no means an exhaustive list and no promises will be made.


This is the first version of the software planned for release. The goal of 1.0 is to create the minimal working product with all major features operational and stable.

Target date: February 2019


  • Login via SSH or other provided shell
  • New User Signup
  • Message Areas
  • Built in full screen message Editor
  • Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) using definable Group permissions
  • Call History
  • BBS Lists
  • Menu Driven UI
  • / commands (menu shortcut keys)
  • Ability to customize look & feel through themes or templates
  • Session Timers & Timebank
  • Sysop defined limits
  • Runs on Linux host nodes
  • Integrated database


Following 1.0, bug fixes and new features will be planned. Since a release has not yet been made, there is no roadmap set beyond the 1.0 target.

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