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Contributing to OpenTG

As an Open Source project, there is always opportunities for you to contribute. Help is not always writing code, although that is always needed. Here are some ideas for helping with the project:


Experienced programmers with Ruby and Java knowledge are encouraged to help.


This project is written in English and currently only provides English output. The template system was implemented specifically so that other languages could be easily written and deployed. If you wish to translate the text to other languages, please let us know.


Throughout the development, testing of code checkouts and snapshots are need to ensure quality, functionality, and usability goals are being achieved. Testers provide valuable feedback to the development team.


Improving the documentation and writing articles on this wiki will improve the community experience and the quality of the product releases.

Mailing List

Following the mailing list and participating in discussions.

Bug Reports

Submitting bug reports. End-users, Testers, and Developers will need to request a login to the Bug Tracker.

Donating Funds

Fundraising campaigns will be announced from time to time in order to raise money to fund project expenses. Funds will be used to reimburse the project's Webhosting expense, software costs, events, and other items. The campaigns will explain the purpose with targets, and how the funds will be used. Links to donation forms will always be posted on the main website.

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