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BUGS & Feature Requests

So you've found a bug? The OpenTG project uses a closed instance of Mantis Bug tracker for logging, scheduling, and working on issues. To report a bug, please send an email to the Mailing List : Google Groups with the following template format:

Bug Email Template

Subject: [User Bug Report]: <your subject here>



How to Reproduce:

Raw Output:

Bug Template Notes

Fill out the template and email it to the List. Please note the following important information:

Version: Specify the version you have tested. This can vary greatly depending on whether you are testing a snapshot release, official release, or a repository checkout from GIT or Mercurial sources. Example entries for Version are:

  • snapshot-<DATE>
  • release-1.0
  • git-checkout + <date of last pull>
  • hg-checkout + <date of last pull>

Type: This is the type of bug specific to the software components:

  • Security
  • Runtime Component (JRuby, 3rd-party class files, gems, etc)
  • Database (only for embedded H2)
  • BBS
  • Other

Severity: Specify the relevance and importance of this BUG as it impacts the operation of the software. 1 being the Highest priority, 5 being the lowest. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • 1 - Critical (program crashes, corruption, security, etc)
  • 2 - Major (functional issue, something major doesn't work)
  • 3 - Minor (non-functional bug, template issues, etc)
  • 4 - Text (spelling or translation issues)
  • 5 - Feature Request

Description: Provide a detailed description of the bug and why it is important

How to Reproduce: Step-by-step instructions on how this a developer or tester can reproduce the problem.

Raw Output: This is any output from the console, log files, or runtime that can provide helpful information to the developers. IMPORTANT - Please sanitize your output so as not to include any sensitive information such as passwords or security keys.

What happens next?

The developers will review the emailed bug report. If the bug has been already been fixed, we will reply and let you know when you can expect an updated release or how to triage if possible. New bugs will be tested and logged into the Bug Tracker to be scheduled. A reply will be made to the mailing list acknowledging your submission.

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